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Learn About Our Mattress Appointment

Why schedule an appointment

WHY should I schedule an appointment?

Choosing a mattress online is exceptionally difficult, but that doesn't mean it's a piece of cake in-person either. Luckily, we have trained mattress specialists who are at our store specifically to help you find the right mattress fit! Not only will the right mattress feel good, but it will support you so that you no longer wake up with even more aches and pains than you went to bed with.

WHAT should I expect?

At your mattress appointment, we will ask you a series of questions to match you to a mattress build and style that fits your preferences. Once we've narrowed it down, you can actually take a quick cat nap to try out those options so be sure to wear comfortable clothes so that you can really relax and get a feel for each bed. We will also fit you to a pillow that supports your body's proper alignment. In the end, you'll know which mattress is best by narrowing it down to the comfiest and most ergonomic option.

what to expect at your appointment



  1. Schedule an in-store mattress appointment with one of our sleep specialists

  2. Meet with one of our sleep specialists to try out a series of mattresses that fit your sleep style

  3. Work with your sleep specialist to narrow down which mattress and bedding accessories feel best for you!


Do you need a new mattress but are unsure of where to start? No problem!

Our Mattress Quiz narrows down the options to get you one step closer to your best nights sleep.

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You don’t sleep like everyone else, so you shouldn’t shop like everyone else. Your unique sleeping needs matter and can be met today. Sign up for a mattress appointment or take our mattress quiz to learn more about what you need!